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Damaged Photo Restore

Repair your damaged photos, remove cuts, rips, scratches, marks, stains or other imperfections. This app is a professional tool which makes use of advanced powerful algorithms in order to bring your damaged photos back to their original condition. The way it works is really simple. You set the image you want to fix and, automatically, the app will do it for you. If you are an user who wants even better results and precision you can do the entire process manually.
Damaged Photo Restore not only fixes damaged photos, it can even remove imperfections from images and hide text or objects.

Main features:
- Removes cuts and rips from photos;
- Removes scratches, marks and stains;
- Can repair old photos which got damaged over the time;
- Can remove imperfections from any image;
- Can hide text or objects from any image;
- Simple and intuitive interface;
- Advanced users can improve their results even more through the manual edit mode;
- High precision mode (A magnifier shows you where you are editing);
- Export to camera roll;
- In-App tutorial;
- Fast and optimized for iOS 12;

Please be aware that:
- This is a professional tool, follow the in-app explanation in order to learn how to use it correctly;
- The app will work on almost any photo, however in case the photo provided is affected by a high grade of damage the result will not be optimal.

Image Deblur

Image Deblur is a professional tool that lets you remove the blur from your photos.
Thanks to its deconvolution algorithm it is possible to bring out the details you are looking for from your photos, with high precision. It is really useful if you need to get important information from your photo!

# Has been in the Top 100 Utilities in 10 different countries in the App Store!
# See the app in action by visiting the website!

What does this tool do?
- Focus defocused photos, letting you see their details such as text or blurred subjects;
- Remove motion blur from your photos, generated by fast moving subjects or your camera (following a simple motion trajectory), such as shaky hands;
- Tune the focus and motion blur angle thanks to its high precision controls;
- Fast result computation with preview changes;
- Outputs a color RGB or Grayscale restored image to the camera roll;
- Supports high resolution images;
- Supports Auto Mode which automatically gives you some of the possible restorations of your image;

This tool does not only sharpen the image, it literally removes the blur, and reduces it when severe blur is present.

Please be aware that:
- This is a professional tool, follow the in-app explanation in order to learn how to use it correctly;
- High resolution images will be scaled if hardware limits are exceeded;
- The purpose of this tool is to bring out the desired details from your images, not to improve the image in its entirety, especially when severe blur is present;

Perfect Visage

Quick and easy, only two tools that simplify the usage, remove all the skin imperfections and whiten your teeth. Thanks to its intelligent algorithm it recognizes the perfect settings in order to improve the makeup and make it look real.

Main features:
- Quick and easy: start the app, load a photo, apply the makeup and save!
- Hide pimples, wrinkles and other skin imperfections;
- Whiten your teeth;
- Two simple tools: one to remove skin imperfections and one to whiten your teeth;
- The makeup looks real under any kind of light;
- You can change the teeth whitening level;
- Smart smile detection;
- Pinch to zoom;
- Optimized for iPhone X, Xs, Xs Max and XR!

SLR RAW Camera

SLR RAW Camera enables all the camera manual settings on your device. You will be able to take amazing pictures, even in night time, and export them to RAW or JPG, just like if you were using a DSLR.

Main features:
• Manual ISO;
• Manual Shutter speed (Perfect for amazing night shots);
• Manual Focus;
• RAW and JPG support*;
• Pinch to Zoom;
• White Balance: with RGB channels settings;
• Grid overlay;
• Flash settings;
• Easy, fast and convenient interface: just swipe to adjust the settings!

*RAW is available only on iPhones SE, 6s, 6s Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, X or better and iPad Pro.

Neptune Arena FPS (iOS & MacOS)

Classic arena style gameplay mixed with modern and futuristic elements, where the only thing that matters is the skill.

- Set into a futuristic environment, you will have to fight against the AI in order to win!
- Fast paced, tricky, breathtaking matches;
- 5 Beautiful arenas;
- Many jump pads! Melt your movement skills with in-air fights;
- Traps! Every map has its own way to endanger the player;
- Master 8 futuristic but classic arena style weapons;
- Ranks and Skins:

Earn XP playing and spend it into Skins for your favorite weapons!
Game modes:
- Deathmatch: shoot at anything that moves!
- Instagib: play one shot one kill with your faithful Raygun!

*iPhone 5s/iPad Air minimum required*

SLR Pro Camera

SLR Pro Camera was developed to help professional photographers have a better time with their own personal device unlocking all of its functions such as manual focus, iso and shutter priority.
Using the latest APIs it has been possible to unlock important features, turning the usual device camera into a new powerful one similar to a professional SLR one.

Thanks to a simple but yet useful interface it is possible to adjust all the settings on the go, being able to see the changes in real time.

The user can also set the white balance (WB) as he prefers, settings the RGB values individually.

By setting these parameters you will be able to shoot much better looking photos! SLR will let you shot Low light/night photos, thanks to low shutter speeds, and you will be able to improve the quality of high speed moving objects using higher shutter speeds!

Main features:
• Manual and Auto controls;
• ISO setting;
• Shutter priority setting;
• Manual/Auto Focus;
• White Balance settings including RGB values;
• Flash On/Off/Auto;
• Maximum image quality output;
• Improved Zoom;

Chroma Key FX

Thanks to this app applying the chroma key effect will be easier! Just add the image where you want to apply it and a background, adjust the screen color and place, rotate and scale it as you wish! You can also apply the chroma key to just one image and export it to the camera roll, keeping the transparency.

- Apply the chroma key using any color;
- Adjust the image by rotating it, scaling it and moving it!
- Create transparent images and save them to the camera roll;
- Different strength values and antialias option;

AR Laser Meter Measuring Tape

Thanks to this app you will be able to measure objects and distances quickly and with ease, just using your device! It can measure horizontal objects and it also works in low light conditions thanks to the flash. Since it uses the AR you can safely move without losing the measurements you have taken, in order to see better.

Main features:
- Measure objects and distances;
- Low error percentage;
- Works in low light conditions thanks to the flash (where available);
- Supports both meters and feet;
- Move wherever you want thanks to the AR;
- Save the measurements;

Plans from Camera

Thanks to this app drawing plans will be easy, quick and all done automatically. It also works in low light thanks to the flash and it lets you export your plans as image, PDF and PDF share to social networks, messages or other sharing channels.

You will also be able to take measures of surfaces, calculate the perimeter, not only of closed areas but also of open ones. It supports both meters and feet and it is possible to set your plan as you wish, changing the lines width, the zoom and the presence of the measured dimensions!

- Draw the plan automatically;
- Set it as you wish by changing the width of lines, adding or removing the dimensions and changing the zoom;
- Export your plan as image, PDF or PDF share to social networks, messages or other sharing channels;
- Also works in low light thanks to the flash!;
- It measures the horizontal surfaces, with a maximum error of 1% in optimal conditions;
- It measures and draws both open and closed areas;
- While your measure you can move in order to get closer to the point and get higher precision measurements;

*Supports iPhone SE, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPad Pro, iPad (5° Gen).*

RCON Game Server Admin Manager

If you're running a game server this app will be a must have! Send commands remotely through the RCON, be updated on what happens on the server, manage everything thanks to your mobile device.

Supported Game Servers:
• Minecraft;
• Ark: Survival Evolved (supports the GetChat)*;
• Rust**;
• SRCDS Servers (Source RCON Protocol);
• Counter Strike: Global Offensive;
• Counter Strike: Source;
• Team Fortress 2;
• Insurgency;
• Day of Defeat: Source;
• Garry's Mod;
• Half Life 2: Deathmatch;
• Left 4 Dead 2;
• Reflex;

What does the app offer?
You will be able to manage your server sending commands remotely through the RCON just like if you were typing on the server console.
This includes any command supported by the game server.

After the command is typed you will see the server response, for example if you have typed "status" in a Garry's Mod server you would receive all the information regarding the server status including name, players, etc.

The app supports any command supported by the game server. You will also be able to kick, ban and send broadcast messages!

*The port parameter refers to the Rcon port chosen using the ?RCONPort=xxxxx? command at the server startup.

**Add +rcon.web 0 at server startup or the authentication will not work.
Port refers to the rcon.port value (default 28016) which can be set at the server startup, not the server port.

Outfit Manager - Dress Advisor

Organize your clothes, try new combinations and get suggestions on how to dress today! Thanks to this app and its easy interface everything will be easier, you will be able to:
- Organize your clothes without any limit;
- Add them into categories;
- Save your Outfits and share them;
- Select your clothes from the gallery or by taking a picture at the moment;
- Prepare yourself for the summer thanks to the bikini category and try new combinations;
- Show your clothes in stack, just like putting them on a virtual mannequin!

Camera Effects

Camera Effects is an useful app which lets you apply camera filters and effects to your pictures. You can select pictures from your gallery or you can take them using your camera. You can apply multiple effects to a photo, increase the effects intensity by adding them multiple times and restore the default image without effects if you want to change them.

Filters available:
• Sepia
• Noir
• Posterize
• Chrome
• Vintage
• Vignette
• Negative
• Blur
• Burn
• Exposure
• Blue
• Yellow
• Red
• Nostalgy
• Contrasted
• Vibrance
• Green Jelly
• Bloom
• Gloom
• Pixellate
• Dull
• Warm
• Sunlight
• Circles
• Round Lines
• Lines

The edited images will be saved to the Camera Roll.

iDashboard Acceleration Speed and HUD for Car

You need to measure your car acceleration or you simply want an utility which will attend you during your travel? iDashboard will be the perfect app for these purposes!
Using the GPS it will let you know the effective speed both in mph or in km/h and the altitude at the same time. You will also be able to measure the 0-60 and 0-100 acceleration both in mph or km/h, you will just have to stop the car, press the test button and start accelerating, the app will start the timer once the car will move.
The HUD mode will help you read the display in low light conditions, such as at night. After you enable it, you will have to place the device below the windscreen on the dashboard, the app will reflect the display on the glass.

- Measure the car acceleration 0-60 and 0-100;
- Effective GPS speed;
- Night HUD mode;
- Realtime altitude;
- MPH or KM/H;

Motion Alarm Anti Theft Device

Need a quick anti-theft alarm? This app is for you! Simple and easy to use, just arm and lock the device, place it in something you don't want to be stolen or moved and it will be safe. After arming the app you will have 10 seconds to place the device and when ready it will let you know. Works on both tablet and smartphone and even in background, with device locked! When moved it will start ringing and vibrating and it will stop only if disabled by you.

Main features:
- Quick and easy to use, arm and lock the device, place it where you want;
- Works both on tablet and smartphone;
- Works in background with device locked, until you disable it;
- 10 seconds timer before arming;

Be sure to let the app access the Location Services or it won't work in background.

Disco Music Strobe Light

At a party, concert or with friends, this app will be your perfect companion!
Disco Music Strobe Light shows on screen effects following the music rhythm, helping you enliven your parties.
The app does not only show on screen effects, if you own a device which supports the camera flash it will turn it on and off following the song rhythm, synchronized with the on screen effects.
The Music mode lets you calibrate the sensivity on your own or, if you prefer, you can enable the autocalibration mode which makes the app calibrate itself automatically in real time. If you want you can also enable the classic Strobe mode, which lets you increase or decrease the strobe speed. Disco Music Strobe Light is recommended for uses regarding music, but you can also use it as a normal flashlight or sos. Check the website for more information.

Remember to let the app access the microphone or the Music mode will not work.
The application will work on both smartphones and tablets.

Get it on Google Play
Pin Game

Ever wanted an enhanced bowling experience? If yes this game is for you!
Pin Game is a really simple but yet addicting game, where a flipper style game meets bowling.
You will have to kick down every skittle to get to the next level, where the difficulty will increase and where you will meet new kinds of obstacles.
Global leaderboards and achievements fully integrated in Game Center will improve the gameplay and addict you even more, and yes you will be able to earn coins, unlock new shiny skins and buy explosive balls!

Everything is packed with new generation graphics and effects for new devices, such as iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus, powered by the new Unity 3D 5.3 engine!

Main features:
-Infinite gameplay with various kinds of obstacles;
-Earn coins, unlock skins and buy explosive balls to help you reach a higher score!;
-Game Center Leaderboards and Achievements;
-New generation graphics for high end devices such as iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S plus including Ambient Occlusion, HDR, Depth of Field, Real Time Shadows and Destructible Props;
iPad 2, iPhone 4S or newer required.

Get it on Google Play
Head Tilt Browser Face Scroll

Head Tilt Browser is a simple Web Browser which lets you scroll web pages without using your hands, just by rotating your head. It is quick, fast and easy to setup and supports all your favorite web pages including PDF pages.

Main features: • Scroll pages by rotating your head;
• Quick and simple;
• Disable Javascript to make the browser even faster;
• Save/delete History;

Multiplication Tables

Thanks to this game, learning and studying the multiplication tables will be much easier!
You can find tables from 1 to 10 and also a Random mode, where the multiplications are random, suggested to the ones who have already learned all the tables.
Every level is characterized by a multiplication table and random multiplications (belonging to the selected multiplication table), the player will have to beat the highscore, previously obtained, trying to push himself further and to get better.
The game mechanic is really simple, the requested multiplication is visible in the bottom right corner and the player will have to tap on the cloud containing the right result, trying to not make mistakes.
If he chooses the right result, the requested multiplication will change increasing the score, while if he makes a mistake an attempt will be subtracted.
The attempts left are visible by checking the happy faces on the bottom middle/right corner.
If the player makes three mistakes the game will end and he will be able to see the score.

Pocket Telemeter - Range Finder Distance & Height

Pocket Telemeter - Range Finder is an application that will let you calculate the distance between you and an object and its height.
It is simple and quick to use, just type the height at which you hold your device, aim at the base of the object and you will get the distance, you can also use the distance to get the object height.

The application uses some mathematical formulas so the error percentage is very low and it supports both m. and ft. units of measurement.
Also you can keep the current distance by pressing the hold button.

Neptune: Arena FPS on Steam

Welcome to Neptune: Arena FPS

Classic arena style gameplay mixed with modern and futuristic elements, where the only thing that matters is the skill.

Set into a futuristic environment, you will have to fight the other players climbing the leaderboard and becoming the best;
Fast paced, tricky, get quick into the action without having to wait for the matches to end;
Beautiful arenas where only the best players will be able to dominate;
Many jump pads! Melt your movement skills with in-air fights;
Traps! Every map has its own way to endanger the player;
Master 9 futuristic but classic arena style weapons;
Offline single player BOT Practice;
Classic Deathmatch and Instagib mode;